You’re running a virtual assistant company and you need to buy a new laptop?

This can be frustrating. There are so many options out there, and you might get stuck between what to do.

This post was created with the help of a fantastic guide to help people choose the best laptop that is perfect for virtual assistant work.

Prices are subject to change, so please keep in mind that the numbers I’ll be mentioning here today might be different by the time you read this article.

So, then let’s get started!

You’ll need a laptop with these specs to become a Virtual Assistant:

Processor: Intel Core i7, AMD Ryzen 5
Memory: 8GB DDR3-1600 SDRAM
Screen Resolution 1920×1080

No less than 8 GB of RAM

Most storage is now spent on high-speed memory, which is much faster than hard disks.

Some other things to keep in mind

What laptop is right for virtual assistants?

How do I buy a laptop for VAM services?

Would you need a laptop to work as a virtual assistant?

Are you in need of a laptop, but can’t buy one for the time being?

What laptop is the best for working from home?

A virtual assistant uses technology to handle various tasks or basic office duties, depending on the demand.

Which is the best laptop for a virtual assistant?

Buying a Laptop for Virtual Assistant Work

What You Need: Laptop Requirements for Virtual Assistants

When buying a laptop, make sure the specifications of the unit meet your demands as someone who does virtual assistant work.

If you have the budget, buying a high-quality one is best because that would last you for years, even if you start a new business or learn a new skill.

A virtual assistant can offer a number of services — from managing the calendar of a busy entrepreneur to editing video clips.

If you’re on a budget, it’s important to make a priority list of the specs for your laptop.

Below are the basic components that you need to consider when purchasing a laptop:

RAM (Random Access Memory)



I think that these three items are probably the most important thing to consider when choosing a laptop.

Planning on becoming a virtual assistant? Here’s a guide on what you need to know to get started.

RAM: At least 8 GB

How many different subjects can you study in three hours?

RAM is the type of full-time memory that dictates how much work your laptop can process at one time.

Technically, memory is a cognitive function that helps you focus and maintain information in the short-term. So in that sense, the more you have, the better. The more applications you can have open at once.

8GB of RAM is a must if you want a fast computer

If you have read other articles with recommendations for which laptop to buy, you may have come across articles saying that four gigs is enough and that it’s cheaper and you won’t need more than that.

Even though they might be wrong,

While the price difference may seem significant, it is actually marginal. The cost of a 8GB RAM module is only 1.5 times more than the cost of a 4GB RAM memory module.

One of the disadvantages to virtual assistants is that it’s not unusual for them to have ten or more tabs opened on their browser. If you’re a working professional who needs some peace and quiet while still getting work done, then your laptop should have at least 8GB of RAM.

One example:

I was using Microsoft Edge, and I had fifteen tabs open with ten extensions activated.
What do you think of a sentence rewriter?
A sentence rewriter is good because it can make sentences easier to understand and read.

My computer’s RAM usage is ____MB.

In total, the experiment consumed around 13 GB — with the Microsoft Edge browser being the biggest consumer (3.78 GB).

Your computer is currently using 13GB of RAM.

13 GB of RAM are in use

That’s why I always tell my friends to have at least 8 GB of RAM on their laptops. I don’t want them to suffer later from browsers crashing from opening too many tabs.

When you’re looking to purchase a laptop, make sure you check the RAM module. Many of them come with only 4GB, and you might be able to upgrade to a better one.

Minimum CPU – Intel Core i5 processor

To continue with the analogy, how fast should you process and recall the things that you have studied?

The CPU, or the Central Processing Unit, is your laptop’s “brain.”

In essence, the processor determines how quickly your laptop communicates with other parts of the system. This can be either a slower or faster connection and has an impact on how quickly your work gets done– if your processor is faster, it can complete tasks more efficiently.

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