Want to stop losing money in the
Philippine Stock Market?

Most people just pick a stock based on rumor, hype or advise of others or the news.

Because of this, many lose their money.

Why? Because they have no written plan of what they need to do when a stock goes up or down or keeps going up.

The secret to profitable trading is the creation of your Trading Plan.

It's different from "Trading" w/c usually means "Picking what stocks to buy".

It's the activities you need to do BEFORE you pick a stock that matter.

This activity is called "Creating Your Trading Plan".  

It's a favorite and necessary activity of professional traders.  

In the course below, you'll be guided in making your own personal trading plan - fitted for the Philippine Stock Market only.

Would you like to know how an ordinary person like me- plan my trades so that I would win - when market is down or up?

Finally, you can peek into how it's done in my Trading Plan Creation Course called "Prepare to earn 50K/Trade in the Philippine Stock Market.":

Here are the secrets you will learn:

PART 1: Stock Trading Secrets

1: Simple Rules That Your Stock Trading Brain

2: Goal, Timing, Following Your Own Rules, Emotions

3: PH Stock Market Is A Tiny Game

4: Ignoring Useless Information

5: How to recognize a pattern on a chart so you'll know what to do

6: Q&A, News, Stocks Price

PART 2: Limits You Need To Know

7: The 3 Trading Numbers You Need To Grow Into

8: Acceptable Investment, Acceptable Loss- All You need to Accept.

9: Acceptable Loss, Support & Resistance Price, Acceptable Earnings

10: How To Buy Like A Pro, How to Find Trusted Sources

11: Becoming Like A Pro Trader

12: How To Find The Active "Stocks Of Rich" List

13: How To Sell Like A Pro

14: More Questions & Answers

PART 3: Creating Your Trading Plan

15: Rules For Any Stock-Including What to do with Old STUCK Stocks

16: Recognize When It Is Safe To Trade

17: How To Do Research (When to Buy)

18: How To Compute For Stock Profits Goal & Stop Loss

PART 4: Selling & Wisdom

19: Introduction

20: Review Of Stock Trading Secrets

21: Stock Price Investigation

22: Buy/Stop Loss-How to Use Them

23: System In Selling Part 1

24: System In Selling Part 2

25: Trading Wisdom

​Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How will the course be delivered?  Online. Via Video.

2. Is there a schedule? No. You just login and start learning anytime.

3. Will you be available for questions? Yes, just enter your questions in the video site and we'll answer them.

4. Is there a guarantee? Yes, we want you to be happy with your purchase or you get your money back in 30 days after purchase.

5. Can I use a phone to learn? Yes. But a bigger screen is preferred for you to read some of the visual aids and examples.

6. Does this course include Fundamental and Technical analysis? Surprisingly, no. This is a trading plan course. But all will be explained in the course why these 2 seems to be missing. They are considered - but are not core to the topic of creating a trading plan.

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