We’re living in strange times. From mass surveillance to Twitter shutdowns, governments worldwide have expanded their censorship laws and cracked down on digital liberties. 

Having secure and unrestricted Internet access is essential for any citizen or small business to live and think freely.  

That’s why Namecheap is launching FastVPN, a new VPN service enabling you to work securely and easily, on multiple devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, with complete freedom. 

FastVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) for the remote working era. So read on if you want to work from anywhere securely, shop and pay people safely, and reclaim your privacy rights from corporations. 

Get digital security at your fingertips

FastVPN Namecheap
FastVPN Namecheap

Smartphones are now where we live, with our most valuable information nestling in our pockets than a living room dresser. 

From your Google searches to swiping right on Tinder, our online activities continually fall into the hands of advertisers, allowing them to monetize and monitor your data far too easily. 

By downloading FastVPN, you can protect your personal information in just a few clicks. 

A VPN app secures your Internet traffic by directing it through an encrypted tunnel, which stops your Internet service provider (ISP) from tracking the websites you visit and how long you spend on them. 

Work from anywhere securely with a VPN

person using macbook pro on white table FastVPN Namecheap
FastVPN Namecheap

Protecting your private data is especially important if you’re using public Wi-Fi. 

Most people use their smartphone and laptop for both work and play, and hackers look to exploit these gaps in coffee shops and airport lounges. With a VPN app, you can protect all your devices on public Wi-Fi without worrying about malware threats. 

So, if you’re working remotely, FastVPN can help facilitate your freedom of movement and improve productivity too.

Sometimes it’s more stimulating to work in a coffee shop or restaurant. Changing your routine can do wonders for your well-being. So if you want to travel and work safely, it makes sense to protect your data with a VPN.  

Shop and pay people safely with a VPN

paying with credit card using vpn

It’s not only remote workers that need a VPN. 

Everyone who goes online requires protection from cybercriminals, especially if you’re shopping or sending money to people. 

Let’s say you’re on vacation and want to buy a museum ticket, invest in crypto, or transfer money using airport Wi-Fi. Using a VPN will help ensure no one is watching as you enter your credit card details.

With cyber threats growing as technology changes, a VPN has become a must-have app for all smartphone and laptop users. It’s no longer the preserve of early adopters and tech-savvy travelers. 

Using a VPN is for every citizen who browses and buys online.

Protect your online privacy

illustration for Google Maps on device

With a virtual private network (VPN), you can also hide your IP address and use a virtual IP from another location. 

Advertisers use your IP address to identify your location so they can bombard you with ads. It doesn’t matter if you go incognito on Google, either. That alone won’t prevent them from tracking your IP.

Hiding your IP gives you greater anonymity online and makes it harder for third parties to identify your whereabouts.

Let’s say you live in Chicago, Illinois. With a VPN app, you can change your IP address to London and browse online as if you live in England.

So if you want to keep your digital life private, hiding your IP is essential. What’s more, FastVPN won’t track your data with its strict no-logs policy, meaning your browsing habits are anonymous.

Unlock the Internet with FastVPN

illustration of cloud with keyhole to suggest VPN

Switching your IP address opens up a host of streaming and content possibilities. How often have you been unable to watch a film, show, or a football game because the content you want is unavailable in your country?

Suppose you pay for multiple subscription services. Shouldn’t you still be able to access them while you’re on vacation? Fortunately, VPN software can help you watch your favorite shows and sports wherever you travel. 

With FastVPN, you can access 1,000 servers in 50+ locations worldwide, overriding censorship and geographical blockers. What’s more, you can also enjoy unrestricted access to podcasts, news and potentially get cheaper flights by switching your IP address to a different jurisdiction. 

Reclaim your privacy rights 

illustration of private website on tablet

Living in the Internet’s fast lane, one that’s crammed full of messages, meetings, ads, and feeds teaming with photos and videos. Our personal information has never been more vulnerable than right now. 

Governments and security agencies are increasingly monitoring our digital lives, with corporations monetizing our Internet behavior for profit. Fortunately, there’s a simple and affordable solution to prevent tracking and malware threats. 

So if you want to reclaim your privacy rights and protect your Internet freedom, FastVPN is available for free for one month. 

If you want to protect all your devices with one subscription, why not take FastVPN for a free test drive? We accept Bitcoin, in addition to PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

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