Personally, I don’t know why I even bother sharing this but here goes..

Personally, I don’t know why I even bother sharing this but here goes:
(Don’t worry I change opinion in the end)
FB Group Claims:
Out of everyone on Facebook, I was the one who was able to get the FB Group name “Inner Circle Mastermind”.
Don’t bother looking because it’s a SECRET GROUP.
However none of the people who call themselves “Inner Circle Mastermind” has taken the URL from facebook.
It was just me.
I’ve had this Mastermind FB Group for 8 years already.
Gmail Claims:
I was also able to get manilaworkshop and cebuworkshop and cdoworkshop as gmail addresses, too.
They’re all controlled by me.
What does this mean?
It means that I tend to be first.
Among everyone in the world, I’m in the 1% of being FIRST TO THINGS. FIRST to Publicly Available Tech. and Trends.
Like what?
The following is a list of the stuff I’ve anticipated YEARS before they went mainstream:
ChatbotsInstagram Stories & Snapchat & AR The Rise of Tiktok & Vertical VideosThe Rise of Facebook AdsAlexa, the Amazon Echo AI Virtual Assistant
WHY, WHAT’S MY EDGE? How do I know?
I don’t have an extensive Hermes bag collection.I don’t have access to a $550,000 / month cheque from a relative.
What I do have is the ability to screen out what’s important and what’s not important…in TECH & MARKETING.
All other aspects in life, I plead I’m way less than normal. Really.
But if we talk about TECH and MARKETING – if it’s something a SINGLE PERSON COMPANY can do, I’m probably toying with it RIGHT NOW.
Is there any value to being first?
I mean there has to be right?
I ask because there is value to being the COPY CAT.
That’s why I don’t know anymore. Shall I share what coming next?
Or shall i just keep sharing it to my Inner Circle Mastermind only?
Maybe I shall just keep it to myself instead?
What do you think?

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