Secrets Revealed Before You Make Your Own Website

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Don't Make Your Website Until You Have Watched This Training!

* Jomar Hilario emphasized the importance of having a website to connect with potential customers.
* Examples of websites with effective email capture features were given.
* The purpose of an email capture is to collect visitor email addresses for marketing purposes.
* The absence of an email capture on a website can result in missed opportunities to reach potential customers.
* Strategies were discussed, such as reminding visitors and offering discounts to encourage them to provide their email addresses.
* Email marketing was highlighted as a valuable tool for following up with interested visitors.
* An app was recommended to help set up email capture bars on websites.
* Consistency in branding, including colors and fonts, was emphasized.
* The potential benefits of turning a website into an app and using QR codes for marketing were discussed.
* Designing a website to attract and convert customers was considered crucial.
* The importance of a logo and branding for recognition and trust was emphasized.
* Email addresses were highlighted as valuable assets for marketing purposes.
* Attendees were invited to join the newsletter and attend the next Gold Mine session.

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