Coding from Scratch Guidance Course Details.

Why Code?

Because apparently, if all careers disappear, this one will thrive even more.  The internet will have to be destroyed for this career to disappear.

Is Coding Hard?

Yes. It prefers a logical brain.  It prefers a patient brain and a detail oriented brain. Funny enough, it loves a creative brain, too. So it is not all science, it’s also art.

Just think about the apps you use.

Designers made the stuff that you’re looking at – the screen icons etc. But coders made it work. You can be that coder.

What use is coding?

You can make apps. But more than that you can use it do perform DATA VISUALIZATION stuff for DATA SCIENTISTS too.

You can make stuff that people can’t see (like the insides of a Facebook).

Who will hire you?

All the app makers will hire you. Massive and Medium Sized companies around the world can hire you too.

You can also be independent and code for people and small businesses.

Benefits Of the Guidance Course

You will learn the basics of coding even if you’re total teen or beginner or older than me.

You will learn how to code in 2-3 different languages.

You will be guided if you get stuck in the tutorials that I will show you.

You will be taught by courses (not mine), apps (not mine) and books (not mine!).

My role is to give you direction in this long long journey.

You may take 6 months just to learn this and do this well.

My guidance is 6 months worth.

You will have access to a central place to put questions -where everybody can benefit from my answers.

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In learning how to code, you will encounter so many things that won’t work.

It may take days or weeks before you figure out that you just forgot to put a semi-colon.

I will not magically solve all of these tiny mistakes for you.

Figuring out what went wrong is part of your job.

Spoon-feeding coding will not work.

You need to know this up front.

This is why Creativity is important.

P 32,500 – Coding Career Guidance for 6 months

                – App Making Course

P 19,500 – Coding Career Guidance for 3 months

                – App Making Course

P 9,500 –  Coding Career Guidance for 3 months.

Installment:  Just get the P 9,500 first. P 7,000/month


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