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Exactly How do you "Not Lose Money" in Business?

Have you ordered something worth P 2000 in LAZADA/Shopee/Amazon that was wrong but you can't refund or returned it?
Did you feel bad?
Was that "lugi"?
I think so.
But was it a business lugi?
Probably- it was personal.
So you can survive a lugi like that, yes?
I know someone who got a NO NAME BRAND COMPUTER MONITOR from LAZADA and regretted it.
There was a single dead pixel on that monitor - and that's not the worse part.
Sometimes the monitor would not turn on.
It was P 10,000.
The time it acted up - it was too late for returns and refunds.
He even lost the receipt!
He didn’t follow the rule “Don’t Lose Money”
Would this be considered lugi?
The monitor turned on sometimes naman - so it can be used most of the time.
Do you fear this kind of lugi?
Did my friend die because of this?
So lugi doesn't kill.
Lugi doesn't cause social stress or people rejecting you.
Lugi is just "money not used in the best way."
So what if this friend of mine invested P 10,000 in a food cart?
What if it didn't work out?
I mean it's a pandemic…
And he invested in a PHYSICAL business…
So asking for a "obvious" lesson, right?
But let’s say  - pandemic is over.
And 6 months later - STILL …NOBODY is buying from his food cart.
That P 10,000 is now gone.
He's now lugi.
He lost his money.
He went against Warren Buffet’s rule #1: “Don’t Lose Money”.

So in your mind - should you follow in his footsteps?
I hope you said NO WAY.
It was a bad use of money.
Now let's say you started a "business" by buying P 10,000 worth of business books.
Here’s a hint:
I used to do that -every year... .or  2x a year.
I would read all the books and apply the lessons too.
Would that be LUGI?
After all, the books didn't direcly figure in my business.
I didn't sell the books.
However - the books did impact in my thinking, didn't they?
Yes, everything I applied in business, was from the books.
The most significant ASSET in any business - is YOU - the person building the business.
Isn't it OBVIOUS that you must invest MORE in yourself than your soon to be created business?
If you're afraid of LUGI - like everyone else  -INVEST in yourself first.
YOU must be strong, smart and clever when it comes to business.
Don't just jump into that EXCITING business  - if it's not an "EDUCATION FIRST. TRAINING FIRST" business.
Because businesses that train you well - at first - helps make YOU a better business person.
So, sinong takot sa lugi?
Who lets that stop them from creating a business?
The person who DOESN'T KNOW.
So don't be that person.
Be a person who KNOWS all about how business works.
Get business education.

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About Jomar Hilario

My name is Jomar Hilario, author & founder of “Date With Freedom” and “Virtual Careers Academy”

As CEO I’ve seen through the ups and down of business in the last 13 years.

I’ve spoken &  mentored thousands of people who just started their business.

I’ve written books, ran seminars and webinars and podcasts.

I also have a thousand youtube videos.


However, I don’t have an office.

I also don’t commute - for the last 13 years.

And my business is so portable, nobody really knows where I am at any given time.

I also don’t brag much about the trophies and trappings of “success”.

For me, a successful business is where the people involved are internally happy.

That includes me & my family & my clients.


I would like to give you big advise to guide you in starting your own business…or making your existing one more profitable - and you happier!

Find out How To "Not Lose Money" When You Run Your Business. Join 7,000+ Subscribers.

It's time you ran your business with profit and happiness.

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Without a mentor, I did everything wrong. After attending Jomar's seminar, I learned the things that I should and shouldn't do which I plan to apply this year!
Noemi Mora
I love all topics Each of them are really informative & well- discussed. All my negative thoughts about VA are gone & convinced me to pursue this career with all my might. 
Noel Lacasa
Jomar gives us practical lessons that are also easy to be understood for us "not-so-computer-literate". I went home smiling and full of hope for the coming days ahead. 
Riza Flor Yncierto, Pharmacist
Jomar does not limit his training within the agenda but also injects inspirations & motivations.
Joseph B. Verdida, Social Media Manager
Jomar makes difficult topics easy to understand. 
Marivien Tiglao
Jomar’s event is very powerful, it does not only change my mindset but also touches my heart.
Kleyr Dalisay, Copywriting 202 student
Through Jomar, I learned many things or tools in the internet, how to use them. He really changed my life to become a better person. 
Rochelle Nazareno Carbonell, Virtual Assistant

Find out How To "Not Lose Money" When You Run Your Business. Join 7,000+ Subscribers.

It's time you ran your business with profit and happiness.

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

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