Learn how to make your own website
for your business
even if you're a non-techie.

Here are the steps you need to do in making your own website.
1. Come up with your name or domain name.

2.Identify the purpose of your site. What problem are you going to solve for those who see this site?

3. Quickly Identify your logo, branding, official colors.

4.Buy a website from the choices below. Pick either a supercheap website provider or a moderately priced provider.

5. Why pick super cheap? If you're not yet determined and you just want to try this out. Get the cheap one here: Http://jhilario.com/chatwordpress

6. Why pick moderately priced? People and google likes fast websites that load fast. Fast costs a little bit more. Get the fast one here: Http://jhilario.com/fastwordpress

7. Once you have created the website, time to set it up for  success. This means plugins.

8. The best websites for business have a means to collect emails of prospects and readers and visitors. Create an account in any of these email list providers.

9. Email List Option 1: Start Free, increase monthly as your success grows.

10. Email List Option 1: Start paid, no increase in monthly payment even if you're successful already.

1. Before your make that site, determine your website name.

2. Create that website now.

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