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The "Don't Lose Money" Guide To Business

By Jomar Hilario

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When you start a business, there are so many advices!
Here’s one from Warren Buffet, worlds #2 richest man:
1. Don’t lose money.
When all else fails, refer to #1.
Smart advise!
When you start a business, you don’t want to lose any money, right?
How do you prevent that from happening?
Ah…that’s the problem now.
Where is the HOW?
I decided to google for it and found out…
Most advise are confusing, hard to do, conflicting with each other.
Lets see some advise:
1. Go to business school.
2. Start with an idea, and test it.
3. Start really small like - sell lemonade in the corner of your street(!)
4. Take courses on business.
5. Do it using Kickstarter
6. Convert your hobby into a job
7. Be a Youtuber
8. Register with the government first.
9. Raise capital from friends / family first
10. Start with a product to sell

If you’re going to start, here’s what I’ve learned:

Well sounding advise like “Grow Your Audience” - or “Don’t lose money”-sounds good.
But the question is “How?”

Another one is “Look for partner businesses…” again, what would be the step 1 in that?
Specially if you have zero experience in partnering up with anyone, right?

Advise like “Start your website”  is a complex thing that I don’t want to get into right now. 

There has to be something better for you to either startup your business or re-start it:


My name is Jomar Hilario, author & founder of “Date With Freedom” and “Virtual Careers Academy”
As CEO I’ve seen through the ups and down of business in the last 13 years.
I’ve spoken &  mentored thousands of people who just started their business.
I’ve written books, ran seminars and webinars and podcasts.
I also have a thousand youtube videos.

However, I don’t have an office.
I also don’t commute - for the last 13 years.
And my business is so portable, nobody really knows where I am at any given time.
I also don’t brag much about the trophies and trappings of “success”.
For me, a successful business is where the people involved are internally happy.
That includes me & my family & my clients.

I would like to give you big advise to guide you in starting your own business…

From my experience, the very first thing you need to do - when starting a business today.
Learn first from books.
If you live in a western country, the library is free, hence books are free.
If you have internet access, the authors talks in Youtube are free.
Problem is - who to listen to?

There are too many voices in the business start up world.

You may spend years just reading and never starting your business.

However, there are also  “seemingly smart” twitter feeds and 
“comprehensive business blog posts” and 
“good looking but no experience” business youtubers that may catch your eye today.

 Only to find out later on - you should not have listened to them.

I’m here to save you from that. 
Here’s a list of the books I have read when I started:

A book on dealing with personal failure
A book on the heart of business
A book on storytelling 
A book on handling employees
A book on the best “business person’s” lifestyle
A book on why you should be able to earn today - using the internet only.
A book on building community around your offer
A couple of books on buyers psychology
A book on running remote teams
A book on standing out in the market place
A book on perfectly handling money 

How do you start?
Start with the Authors Videos Below.

How to be a happy entrepreneur? 

How do you get the attention of your best buyers?

How to get even more repeat buyers?

How do you handle employees well?

How do you personally deal with business failure?

What is your money personality?

How do you ensure that your business will go on WITHOUT you?

How do you become BELOVED to the eyes of the buyer?

How to be UNIQUE in the eyes of your buyers?

How do you run remote teams?

Jomar, I need an explanation for each of these books.
I've got you! Register for the webinar below - free - and you will receive an explanation as to WHY THESE BOOKS and A FEW MORE BOOKS and CONCEPTS you need to understand to be able to "Not Lose Money" in your business.

In fact, your goal is to make more profits, right? See you in the show.  Sign up below.

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