Everything is about to change.

Ryan Reynolds ask ChatGPT to make him an ad. Here's the result. (1 min)

Coder / Youtuber Uses ChatGPT for the first time. Gets Scared.  Note: As a coder myself, I know where he is coming from. But see if you can see what he sees.

These are 2 GEEKS/ Software Engineers Actually making a game on stage -
 asking the AI to make it for them. (1 hour)

"AI won't take your job, it's somebody using AI that'll take your job."

AI is now everywhere,
so how can you use AI in
your career?

1. Learn the AI-First Mindset so you know exactly how AI can help your career advance.
2. Learn Prompt Engineering 202 so you know how to command the AI without frustration.
3. Learn AI For Setting Up An Online Business in a Hands on Workshop so you know how to use AI in making your OWN business online.

In Our Training Programs below, you'l learn how to use AI in
-Social Media Calendar Strategy
-Social Messaging Construction
-Creating Lead Magnets For Email Marketing & Sales
-Creating Targetted Messages for Email Marketing

You have 2 choices - LIVE IN MANILA or ONLINE. 


You'll be Guided By A Seasoned Expert in IT

Computer Science Graduate and IT professional is your teacher.

You'll be Guided By A Seasoned Expert in Teaching

Teaching Technology for more than 20 decades and teaching homeschooling for 5+ years.

You will see practical applications of AI and Try them out yourself!

Everything we do will be demo + time for you to try it out!

Your trainer

Jomar Hilario

Jomar Hilario is a Filipino internet marketing trainer who specializes in teaching people how to start and grow their own online businesses.
He is the founder of the Online Mentoring Club and Virtual Careers Academy and has helped many aspiring entrepreneurs achieve success in the digital world through his coaching and training programs. 

Jomar is author of the pioneering book "Virtual Careers".


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