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Are you any of these?

You want an online job but you're newbie.

You have no work experience but want an online job so you can stay at home?

You find looking for online clients hard and about to give up?

You want to be paid while being trained by the company?

You want to earn 30 K - 45 K online - from your home?

You are maparaan but you want a way to earn from this?

Are you one of these 4 people?

1. You have “no skills”, “no qualifications” for online work but gusto mo. So willing ka to learn.

2. Maybe you know MS Office and office work in the past. Maybe you’re still employed and want to change jobs.

3. Maybe you’re a retiree-and want to know how you can use your YEARS OF EXPERIENCE —pero online naman?

4. Maybe you’re a new grad, still looking for work…

What would be a GOOD EXPOSURE…GOOD EXPERIENCE for you to get an online job?

Here’s my solution for all 4 cases above:


That is - working for a “company” that works online also. 

More than Internship - what if you’re an intern who gets TRAINING to become a world class “intern”. 

You can get this kind of Internship in my “Training Internship” of the “Earn 45 K EVP Mentoring”.

In fact there are 2 kinds of Internships in this mentoring.

Watch the videos above to see if you PASS THE PRE-REQUIREMENTS:

No time?

Here they are:

Q: What does EVP stand for?

A: The kind of clients you’re working for :Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Executives (Presidents and Vice Presidents, CEO).

Q:  What is “Earn 45 K “?

A: This is the amount of Pesos you will earn ONCE you pass and get hired.  P 45,000/a month.  You’ll be working for American clients and not for me once you pass.

Q: What work will you do?

A: It depends on the USA client. You will be trained -by me- in MOST of the skills that clients expect you to be good at.

Q: Can you give me an example of these skills?

A: The video in —explains it best. But summarized :

Inbox Playbooks skills

Calendar Playbook skills

Project Playbook skills

Social Media Playbook skills

Client Handling skills

+EVP Mindsets

There are truly a whole lot more.

Q:  The job isn’t very technical is it?

A: Yes and no. It’s not as technical as “Video Editiing” or “coding”. The word for it is “Organizing” using a computer.

Q: What DISC score is ideal for the EVP job?

A: All disc scores will work. But the best ones are a mix of D and C — Dominant and Computing.

Q: Why did you say that MAPARAAN dapat ang EVP?

A: Because asking for help is the biggest skill/ attitude of this job. And I dont mean asking for help from the client.  I mean google and other humans.

Q: Is there a guarantee for this course?

A: 365 Day Happy Client Guarantee. If for any reason you’re not happy within 365 days of getting the course just ask for your cash back. No questions asked.  You have no risk. 

Q: Is it true your computer CANNOT be old for this job?

A: Yes, at least 5 years old or younger computers will work.

Q: Internet connection must be 10 MBPS -is this strict?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I do part time?

A: No, this is a full time job. 8 hours a day.

Q: What time zone?

A: USA Day Time Zone working.

Q:Will I be in meetings all day?

A: No. Clients aren’t like that. They just want your help. 

Q: When will the course start? OCT 2022.

Q: How long is the course? Around 3 months.

Q: What can you get hired? 

A: Around the end of 3 months -depending on how good you are in the internship.

Q: Will there be replays to the EVP meetings? YES

Q:Do the internships have meetings? 

A: Very Little. Maybe once a week.

Q: What time is the internship. 

A: There’s no time. Do the work before the deadline. That’s it.

Q: What’s different with this internship?

A: I’m your client but I’ll also show you how to IMPRESS A CLIENT - even if you did it WRONG the first time.

Q:There are 2 internships. what’s the difference between the 2? 

A: Internship 1: 30 DAY Social Media Copywriting you will be creating images and videos for selling online. This is your jumpstart into the world of social media and copywriting.

Internship 2: 60 DAY Earn 45 K EVP Training Internship - you will be doing different kinds of jobs based on the playbooks (see the videos).

What You’ll learn in this video

Attitude & Skills, Mindsets And Requirements for this Online Job: EVP

Check out the videos coming in this free series


 Video 01 


 Video 02 


 Video 03 

You'll earn P 30,000-P45,000 as a newbie.

You’ll be able to earn 30,000 - 45,000 pesos even if this is your first real “virtual job”. 

No Stress in Finding a Virtual Client

You would NOT need to find a client who will hire you. If you qualify (attitude, mindset, specs and skills) - they will just give you a paying client.

Training Internship

For 15 days, you'll be "working" for Jomar as an "intern" doing actual jobs. However, after doing the job, you will learn how to do the job just like an EVP.

You'll learn the TECH SKILLS

You will learn the TECH SKILLS needed to pass with flying colors -their skills assesments”.

3 EVP Secrets Revealed Meetings

You will get 3 Virtual Training meetings to get to know the secrets to the EVP world.

Jomar Will Help You Qualify

You will learn how to qualify to become an earning EVP. You'll learn the details of the mindsets, playbooks and apps needed to become an EVP

Introducing the ...
Earn 45K EVP Mentoring

4 Requirements About EVP You Need To Know

1. You need to be willing to work NIGHT SHIFT.

2. You should have fast internet conneciton, like 10mbps or more.
3. Computer specs: EVP clients prefer you have a fast computer.  Technically, you have an Intel I5 or I7 CPU on your computer.

For AMD, you'll need a  RYZEN 5 na 3000 generation or a higher number. If you have an AMD Athlon, this is not pasado as this is a weaker processor.

They say that 8 Gigabytes (GB) is enough. But really make sure you’re using 16 GB of RAM or System Memory.  This is not the hard disc or SSd with contains 512 GB or even 1 terabyte (1,000+ GB).

4. You need to be MAPARAAN.

 grow your skills 

Get These 3 Bonuses for First 20 Full Payers

30 More days of “Social Media Copywriting” 

You’ll enjoy 30 days of “Social Media Copywriting” - this is a BONUS course where you’ll be creating LOTS of social media videos and images for marketers.

This will give you a headstart in understanding the WORKFLOW of promoting online.

It will also give you the physical proof that you understand the MINDSET of clients. This makes you more than qualified to be a EVP.

Value: P 14,990, yours free!

60 days of “Training internship” Instead of 15 or 30 days.

60 days of “Training internship” Instead of 15 or 30 days.

Value: P 9,990, yours free - just be in the first 20 who pays in full.

8 days of “EVP Secrets Revealed Meetings instead of 3.

You’ll enjoy 8 days of “EVP Secrets Revealed Meetings” Instead of 3 or 6 days.

Value: P 9,990, yours free - just be in the first 20 who pays in full.

Join Us For 45K EVP Mentoring

How 45 K EVP Mentoring Works

  • Learn from Six Three EVP Secrets Revealed Meetings (8 if you're in first 20 full payment)
  • Learn from 30 15 Days of Training Internship (60 days if you're in first 20 full payment)
  • FIRST 20 Full Payment Only:  30 Days of Social Media Copywriting Practice (Gagaling ka dito)
  • VIP: Get Access to Private Q & A Sessions of Already working VPs, graduates of Virtual Careers Academy. 

Step 0

First 20 who pays in full, starts with Social Media Copywriting

Step 1

You go through the EVP Secrets Revealed Meetings

Step 2

Attend the EVP Training Internship

Step 3

Apply to be an EVP, pass, get a client assigned to you

What's the process like?

Here's how you can become an EVP with Jomar's Help.

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  • 6 Sessions of "Secrets Revealed" EVP Meetings
  • 30 Days of Training Internship
  • BONUS: 30 Days of Social Media Copywriting 5 Meetings With Successful Virtual Professionals - With Jomar Hilario





  • 6 Sessions of "Secrets Revealed" EVP Meetings
  • 30 Days of Training Internship
  • BONUS: 30 Days of Social Media Copywriting 
  • Only P 12,995 per person!

Join Half Pair 
(Dapat 2 Kayo)




  • 6 Sessions of "Secrets Revealed" EVP Meetings
  • 30 Days of Training Internship
  • BONUS: 30 Days of Social Media Copywriting (First 20)


100% Money Back Guarantee for 365-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If, for any reason, you don't like thiscourse, you can get a full refund anytime within 365 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Success Stories Abound Based on Jomar's Training

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First 20 will get to join the BONUS:

30 Days of Social Media Copywriting

Want more proof? These graduates of Jomar's training went from Zero to up to 24,000 followers in Instagram!


Q: Jomar if this is all true, how come I don't see your graduates talk about HOW MUCH PESOS ARE THEY EARNING?
A: If you run a REGISTERED ONLINE BUSINESS, you'd know that publicly displaying your earning is a super bad practice. This may come back & really haunt & hurt you in the future. Just mark my words. I've run a registered corporation in the Philippines for 10 years. I think I know what I'm talking about. Ask any registered company owner in the Philippines.

Warning: Those who publicly display income are in for a really bad surprise one day. They do this attract you to the money -which is not really the point. Money is a means to an end. The end is FAMILY UNITY. I tend to emphasize the Virtual Careers Life more than the cash that's earned.

Q: Your guarantee is 365 days. No questions asked? That's incredible.
A: No questions asked.  It is incredible. No risk to you.  It's in the tradition of IKEA and ZAPPOS, the shoe company.

Q: Is this your latest VA course?
A:  Precisely!

Q: I don't want to watch a long video.
A: Here's a long PODCAST AUDIO version of the above. Listen while driving!  Fully Remote Family • A podcast on Anchor. Spotify: Fully Remote Family | Podcast on Spotify Apple Podcasts: ‎Fully Remote Family on Apple Podcasts

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